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After months of writing, recording and creative madness, Mexican Avalanche launched Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole, the band’s 1st studio album. The record takes a “mixed tape” approach with no single style or theme and is packed with 13 full-length songs. Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole cuts through the status-quo with raw energy, sick humor and styles ranging from rock to reggae to rap.

Mexican Avalanche is Atwell Wells. He is a one-man-band based in YorkPaand featured on and . Mexican Avalanche is produced and promoted by Amish Mafia Records.

In early 2011 Atwell started “just messing around with drum machine apps” on his iPhone and ended up writing a few songs, the few songs turned into a set list. This turned into the creation of Mexican Avalanche. Armed with only his iPhone and a guitar at his live performances; Atwell received great response from the crowds. After seeing how well people responded to this new idea and his music, Atwell decided to start recording Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole in November 2011.

Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole was recorded basically the same way as Atwell does his live shows with his iPhone, guitar, and various other instruments. The album is based in rock but and pulls from many different musical styles. From pop to punk, rap to rock, and industrial to indie; nothing is off limits. When Atwell started to record Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole he was going to call it “Mixed Tape”. His idea was to have the same feeling and sound you get when making or listening to a mixed tape that you would give to friend. But as the recording process went along he realized that the title Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole embodied the underline sick sense of humor to the songs and the abrasive rock/punk nature of the album.

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Atwell Wells and his iPhone

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Amish Mafia Records

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Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole Track Listing:

  1. New School Shoes
  2. The Wal-Mart Song
  3. Trouble
  4. My Piss Is Digital
  5. Rock n’ Roll Hiney Hole
  6. I Wish I Was Katy Perry’s Thong
  7. Let Me Give You A Mexican Avalanche
  8. They Call Me CornBread
  9. My Favorite Funeral
  10. Pizza Tits
  11. Morning Wood
  12. Gangsta Bitch!

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